About Us

Welcome to HukumKaIkka, India’s No.1 online gaming platform!

Developed By WorkLooper Consultants Pvt. Ltd

Here you get to play a skill-based fun game-What else could you ask for?

Why Hukum Ka Ikka?

Our priority at HukumKaIkka is always the users. We make sure our users have an enjoyable and personalized experience, we customize every campaign and tournament according to our user base

We work hard to achieve player satisfaction, whether it's the user interface, rewards, and prizes, or fun.

Our only message to our fans is “Play Better and Win More”. So, put your gaming skills to use and avail fastest withdrawals of your prizes.

Safety, Security, and Transparency

Your privacy is our top priority. We leave no tables unturned when it's about your data security, safety, and transparency.


​All your data and transactions on HukumKaIkka are end-to-end encrypted and secured using world-class security systems.

Transparent procedure:

One of our core values is fair gameplay. The hukumkaikka uses Random Number Generator (RNG) to shuffle the cards giving each player a chance to win their fair share.